West AlabamaWorks! held an Automotive Hiring Fair Saturday, May 5 at Central High School in Tuscaloosa. Rather than the usual career fair; however, the event was structured as a hiring engagement event. Following “speed dating” style interviews, the dozen companies at the event made on-the-spot offers to qualified candidates.
There were 1,414 individuals who attended the event. 198 individuals were from outside the region 3. More than 1,400 interviews took place with 12 companies in 5 hours. More than 775 contingent job offers were made at the event.
All candidates are currently being tracked in the Career Connect system and drug test and back ground checks are being performed by the companies.
The Career Center also had more than 400 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) applications filled out with an additional 200 handed out for completion. The Career Center has already started qualifying those individuals and fielding calls. All 12 suppliers at the event were given On The Job Training (OJT) paperwork to start the process within their companies.
By noon Sunday, all candidates were contacted via email and text. By 8:00 p.m, all available Ready to Work (RTW) orientation classes were filled. In fact, we had to schedule several additional classes. Within 2 hours, more than 198 individuals had registered.
The process will also allow those individuals who were not offered a job at the event to participant in additional interviews with other suppliers as well as the opportunity to attend RTW and Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) training in our pipeline process.
Thank you to all our partners at Commerce, ACCS, ADOL, our community volunteers and the incredible work that has been done in just 48 hours for our automotive industry. Special thank you to Buffalo Rock for providing water for participants, and Tuscaloosa City School System for the use of Central High School.

Check out our photo gallery of the event here.