The High School Ready to Work program continues to expand with more than 10 schools ready to commit in August 2018.

Russell DuBose, Human Resources Director at Phifer Inc., continues to lead this great initiative through the Modern Manufacturing Cluster.

Central High School teachers gave great advice to the committee stating that from an educator/schools perspective, schools should not attempt RTW unless they are highly motivated, prepared to resource the program and be flexible enough to meet the needs of all stakeholders; the program must have the backing and support of key leadership to make things happen.

Therefore, our current position is that we are only going to support and engage with schools that want RTW and are willing to fully support the program. We will not push the program to any school or principal that is not on board as we do not have enough resources to carry them.

Current RTW HS programs:

Central High School
Hale County High School
Greensboro High School

Coming this August (confirmed):

TCTA (will also support Hillcrest)
Bryant High School
Oak Hill High School
Northridge High School
Holt High School
Brookwood High School
County High Annex ( will serve Tuscaloosa County High School, Sipsey Valley HS, & Northside HS)

Katherine Waldron, Project Manger for West AlabamaWorks! has been assigned as project support, so if you have any questions or would like to participate as the program grows please contact her.