Prisoner Re-Entry Meeting at Bank of Tuscaloosa February 2018

It is clear with the 3.5% unemployment rate and the 6,000 jobs needing to be filled by the end of the year that we are in a crisis situation. With little or no hope for employment, national statistics show that of the 600,000 inmates released annually, 67% will become recidivists (i.e. return to crime and incarceration within three years of their release). As a result, failure to become employed after release is a major factor contributing to the high rate of recidivism.

The prisoner re-entry project is a collaborative effort involving many organizations to better prepare inmates to enter the workforce upon release and to help address the workforce shortage employers are facing.

The mission of the Prisoner re-entry project is to develop a process that allows felons to become qualified in gainful employment. This project is driven by the employers who are the end users of the product we are creating, which is a trained employee that will be ready for employment upon completion of the program.

Our current stakeholders in this mission are: Felons/Inmates, Felons’ families, Employers, Community, Legislators, Legal system representatives, Alabama Parole Board, Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC), Alabama Community College Systems (ACCS), 4 year colleges and universities, Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT), Department of Human Services (DHR), Lifelink, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS), Church of Highlands, Career Centers, Religious Organizations, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

 If you are interested in joining our mission and would like to provide your services, please contact Katherine Waldon, Workforce Development Project Manager at:
(205) 391-0331 or  [email protected]