West Alabama has to fill 6,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

In a collaborative effort with West AlabamaWorks!, AIDT, Alabama Community College System, and Alabama Career Center System a 2 year hiring strategy was developed. The purpose of this strategy is to build the employment pipeline through a business led strategy that results in certified skilled workers streamlining into sustainable employment.

To enter into the pipeline job seekers are invited to a public outreach event and processed through an online database, Career Connect. Within 1 day of the job seeker’s registration with Career Connect, they will receive an email and text to complete the online registration for The Adult Basic Education test (TABE). This is a requirement to enter the pipeline.On Day 3, non-responsive registered job seekers will receive a follow up reminder via email as well as text. Registered job seekers will have the option to participate in TABE preparation before taking the actual TABE test.

This 2 year strategy is composed of 5 pathways to direct employment:

Pathways 1 and 2 follow the Manufacturing Skills Standard Council (MSSC) ciurriculum and target veterans with Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) and Job Seekers with 3-5 years of consistent manufacturing experience. These two pathways are considered “fast tracks” and are only 3 weeks; leading to Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) certifications.

The 3rd pathway targets job seekers that score an 8th grade level or greater (7.5 +) on the TABE test. With the 3rd pathway there are 3 options to complete this 5 week track. Option 1 follows the Shelton State Ready to Work Class Model that results in an interview event for all graduates. Option 2 is led by the employer  and Option 3 is led by the employee and they both follow the MSSC curriculum.

The 4th pathway is intended for the job seekers that score between a 6.0-7.4 on the TABE test. These participants will undergo adult education remediation, which will be administered by ACCS and partner agencies to raise their TABE score. In fact, studies have shown that many job seekers that score within the 6.0-7.4 range simply need a refresher course to raise their TABE score to qualify for RTW.

The 5th pathway focuses on those job seekers that score less than a 5.9 on the TABE test. There are 2 options to complete this pathway. Option 1 focuses on participants with a GED where they will attend a modified basic skills RTW class and then attend an interview event. Option 2 focuses on participants that do not have a GED. These participants will take coursework to obtain a GED and once they graduate they will return to the RTW Pipeline class referenced in the 3rd pathway.

Ready to Work 2 Year Hiring Strategy