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Our Team

Donny Jones

Executive Director

Phone: (205) 391-0552

Andy Kuhl

Outcomes Coordinator

Phone: Coming Soon

Brittani Colburn

Senior Project Manager

Phone: (205) 391-0334

Carolyn Tubbs

Director of Education Programs

Phone: (205) 391-0556

Hannah Glenn

Project Manager and Lead Navigator

Phone: Coming Soon

Lauren Collier

Outreach & Project Manager

Phone: (205) 391-0566

NaTa'sha Black

Modern Manufacturing Project Manager

Phone: (205) 391-0331

Sabrina Thomas

Regional Workforce Council Liaison

Phone: 205-391-0564

Tammi Holley

Rural Outreach and Workforce Coordinator

Phone: (334) 310-9511

Bob Johnson

Career Connect / Grant Programs

Phone: (205)-735-9675

Khadijah Torbert

Marketing and communications coordinator

Phone: (205)-391-0559

Cindi Bradley

Project Manager

Phone: (205)-464-4492