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Worlds of Work

Worlds of Work


Worlds of Work creates awareness about exciting career options among students and educators while addressing workforce needs in the region. Existing employers in the region continue to have unfilled job openings due to a shortage of skilled workers. WOW helps companies find potential workers and students find paths to success.

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WOW 2.0 is an event targeting high school seniors. Seniors from the nine-county West Alabama Region will be able to speak with post-secondary schools, as well as meet with industry-professionals in a job fair setting.

This event will allow connections between industry and job seekers, with the goal of filling thousands of high growth, high demand jobs available in West Alabama. This is an excellent opportunity for a senior planning to enter the workforce full-time following graduation, work part-time while attending college or enroll in an apprenticeship program with a West Alabama company.

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Seniors Perspective


Companies and Educator Perspective



WOW 2.0 2022

Virtual WOW: Career Exploration Designed To Be a BLAST!

Virtual WOW

Mini WOW

Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy hosted four of Tuscaloosa City elementary school students this Spring. We believe that it's never too early to begin thinking about what career paths might best suit our students. Each school had the opportunity to visit TCTA's state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. During their visit, they engaged with students who are doing live work and simulated workplace training.


Student Success Stories

  • Shakeitta began Career Online High School in June and immediately clicked with the program. She loved that, through Career Online High School, she had an academic coach who pushed and encouraged her every step of the way. She also felt very supported by the West Alabama Works team and knew we wanted to help her succeed. Shakeitta says that the Career Online High School classes worked for her because the material was easy to understand and the teaching was clear. We are proud to say that she graduated from the Career Online High School program on November 3rd!

    The team has also connected with our Career Center pre-screen process. Although she was unable to qualify for specific benefits it was our next step. It led to a discussion of Career pathways which led to arranging a session with a Career coach at Shelton State.

    In March, Shakeitta is beginning an Associate’s program at Shelton State Community College in Business, Office Management, and Technology. She is hoping to one day start her own business and thinks this program will give her valuable skills and applicable knowledge to work towards her dreams.

    Shakeitta Richardson


    Shelton State Community College

  • I made it all the way to 12th grade but it was just too hard for me to finish. I had a lot of encouragement, but I felt like my daughter who is a 'total care child' was more important to me. I thought I'd never finish so I ended up trying to obtain my GED, but come to find out when I wanted to start Shelton the GED I thought I obtained was not accredited. So this program came about at such a perfect time.

    Do it, it’s the best thing. It’s a feeling of relief for me and it’s something I thought I would never have and through this program I was able to obtain it. So, it’s a dream come true, a total dream come true. Yes I'm 46, but I did it!

    Felicia Stewart-Taylor

    High School Graduate at age 46

    Smart Horizon Career Online Education

  • West AlabamaWorks! was a monumental part of my career. I want to thank them for having an event like WOW (Worlds of Work) and allowing me to be apart of it. I was able to learn about different career options at a crucial age when everyone asks "what's next? Now, I am a third year apprentice in the TJAC Local 372 Union working at McAbee Construction. This would not have been possible without having experienced WOW and WOW 2.0 and learning about opportunities right in town. I'm forever Grateful.

    Megan Coleman


    Local 372 Pipefitters Union