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Apprenticeships combine a full-time job with training—and prepare workers to enter in-demand careers. Apprenticeships provide affordable pathways to high-paying jobs and careers without the typical student debt associated with college. More info:



•   TJAC Local 372 Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship: Apprenticeship in the pipe trades is a highly selective program. Acceptance for training depends on the applicant’s qualifications and the manpower needs of the trade at the time of the selection process.  The actual selection and supervision of the Apprenticeship program is the responsibility of the Tuscaloosa Joint Apprentice Committee.  This committee consists of persons with considerable experience representing both management and labor.  The apprentice program is five years of technical and practical training, requiring at least 8,500 to 10,000 hours of  on-the-job training and approximately 1,250 hours of related training in the classroom.  Classes are held in Duncanville, Alabama. Learn more here

•   LAVENDER, INC. Welding Apprenticeship: Lavender, Inc. has proudly provided excellence for 34 years. Their headquarters is in Aliceville, AL., with their other satellite offices located in Columbus, MS., New Orleans, LA., Demopolis, AL., Tuscaloosa, AL., and Montgomery, AL. For more information on their apprenticeship programs, contact Lavender, Inc

•   Premier Service Company, Inc. Apprenticeship: Premier Service Company offers training in HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing. Their four-year programs feature state-of-the-art training facilities and instructors who offer feedback on the most innovative techniques in the industry. Their apprentices receive Masters and/or Journeyman certification following the program. To apply, click here.  

•   Skilled Trades of West Alabama: Skilled Trades of West Alabama is an apprenticeship training program in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where technicians working in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, alarm and sheet metal fields can receive an education and certifications in their career field while getting on-the-job training. We have teamed up with some of the best local contractors in West Alabama to offer a certified apprenticeship program for our community. The classes we have to offer are in the fields of Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Alarm Systems, and Sheet Metal.

•   Marathon Electrical Contractors: Since its inception in 1987, Marathon has experienced steady, profitable growth, expanding from just 22 employees at the beginning to approximately 500 employees today. Their mission is to be the premier provider of electrical contracting services in the Southeastern United States. To learn more about their program, contact Marathon




•   Mercedes-Benz Mechatronics Program with Shelton State Community College: Mechatronics Apprentices learn how to work in robotics in production at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International. Benefits include tuition and fees assistance provided by Mercedes-Benz and the value of obtaining a quality education from Shelton State Community College. Other benefits include: paid work hours, team wear, safety shoes and any other safety gear that is needed to perform your job. Learn more here.  

•   Mercedes-Benz Automotive Technology Program with Shelton State Community College: The Mercedes Technician Program is focused on providing students with the fundamental skills associated with Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology. Starting pay is $16 per hour with pay increases at the 3rd and 5th semester. Benefits include tuition and fees assistance provided by Mercedes-Benz and the value of obtaining a quality education from Shelton State Community College. Other benefits include: paid work hours, team wear, safety shoes and any other safety gear that is needed to perform your job. Learn more here

•   Nucor Technical Academy with Shelton State Community College: The Nucor Technical Academy is a unique program designed to launch successful Nucor careers by providing free tuition at Shelton State Community College and housing for motivated, qualified candidates who get paid to go to class. Program participants receive a pay increase each year during the three-year program and can enter a competitive maintenance program following their training. Learn more here

•   BF Goodrich Technical Scholar Program with Shelton State Community College: The BFGoodrich Technical Scholar program is a 3-way partnership with the Technical Scholar, Technical School (Shelton State) and BFGoodrich. The program’s focus is to provide technical students career growth opportunities that correspond with their classroom development, while providing students funding for their education. Candidates must be enrolled in an accredited, 2-year Technical Program (ILT or ELT). Learn more here

•   Phifer Incorporated Apprenticeship: Phifer Incorporated is a leader in the insect screen, solar control fabrics, drawn wire, engineered products and designed fabrics industries. As the world’s largest producer of aluminum and fiberglass insect screening, Phifer has capitalized on its wire drawing and textile weaving expertise to flourish in these and other related markets. To learn more about Phifer’s apprenticeships, contact them.
•   ARCH Global Precision Apprenticeship: ARCH is a consolidated contract manufacturing company, a combination of engineering expertise and precision-machining technologies to serve the medical, aerospace and defense, and industrial markets. ARCH seeks to be regarded as the preferred supplier of high-quality, precision-machining services, tooling, and support. To learn more about their apprenticeships, contact ARCH.

•   Mollertech Apprenticeship: Mollertech is an automotive supplier located in Woodstock, Alabama. They specialize in injection molding, providing parts for Mercedes-Benz U.S. International and other automotive manufacturers. Mollertech offers an injection molding apprenticeship. To learn more, contact them

•   Flex-N-Gate Apprenticeship: Starting in 1956 with aftermarket parts and moving into O.E. (Original Equipment) in 1968, Flex-N-Gate (FNG) emerged from humble beginnings. They are a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal components, assemblies, and plastic parts for the automotive industry. To learn more about their apprenticeship, contact FNG

•   Gestamp Apprenticeship: With presence in more than 20 countries, Gestamp is an international group dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metal automotive components. The Group specializes in developing innovatively designed products to achieve increasingly safer and lighter vehicles, thereby reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. To learn more about their apprenticeship, contact Gestamp

•   SMP Apprenticeship: SMP develops and manufactures plastic parts and highly integrated modules for the automotive industry. As specialist in cockpits, door panels, bumper modules and innovative plastic vehicle body parts, SMP has successfully established a footprint in Europe, North America, South America and Asia supplying well-known automotive manufacturer. To learn more about their apprenticeship, contact SMP

•   Bolta Apprenticeship: Bolta is a an automotive supplier in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who specializes in injection molding. They create parts for many automotive manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz U.S. International. To learn more about Bolta’s apprenticeship, contact them.  


energy & utilities


•   Hunt Refining Company Operations Co-Op with Shelton State Community College: Students seeking a technical degree at Shelton State Community College can apply for Hunt’s Co-Op program. Hunt provides funding for tuition and fees at Shelton, and students earn a competitive hourly wage while in school. Students must complete 24 credit hours at Shelton State before entering the program. Learn more here

•   Warrior Met Coal Apprenticeship: Warrior Met Coal is a leading producer and exporter of metallurgical coal for the global steel industry from underground mines located in Brookwood, Alabama, southwest of Birmingham and near Tuscaloosa. These underground coal mines are 1,400 to 2,100 feet underground, making them some of the deepest vertical shaft coal mines in North America. Metallurgical coal mined from the Blue Creek coal seam contains very low sulfur and has strong coking properties, making it ideally suited for steel makers. To learn more about their apprenticeship, contact Warrior Met Coal

•   Alabama Power Apprenticeship: Alabama Power is the electric power provider for most of the state, with headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. Alabama Power employs a variety of skilled people, from engineers to line technicians to electricians. To learn more about their apprenticeships, contact them.  




•   DCH Health System: DCH Health System offers an apprenticeship/work-based learning program for patient care assistants (PCA). This pathway is an option for students who are interested in working in healthcare and can help propel further education, such as nursing school, radiology technician school, or even medical school. To learn more, contact DCH’s HR team. 


Hospitality & Tourism


•   DCH Health System: DCH is more than healthcare professionals. They also require those skilled in the hospitality industry to operate the Patio Grill, DCH’s full-service food court. Their culinary apprenticeship prepares students interested in a career in food. To learn more, contact DCH’s HR team

•   Bama Dining Apprenticeship: Bama Dining offers an integrated apprenticeship for high school students at Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy, allowing them to attend their apprenticeship while in school. Their culinary apprenticeship prepares students interested in a career in food. For more information, contact Bama Dining or TCTA

•   Hotel Indigo: Tuscaloosa’s boutique, downtown hotel offers an electrician apprenticeship through Shelton State Community College, ideal for anyone interested in being a commercial electrician. To learn more, contact Shelton State or Hotel Indigo