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Adopt-A-School is now in Marengo County

Adopt-A-School is now in Marengo County

It's official, Adopt-A-School (AAS) has reached another county in region 3.

AAS is in now in Marengo County.

SouthFresh Feeds and Demopolis High School is the first partnership started in Marengo County.  This partnership will establish a co-op program to recruit students during the school year and offer jobs during the summer. SouthFresh will support the Environmental Science class with hydroponic projects, provide mentoring, offer field trips, and more projects.

This partnership is a great example of the Pillars of Education initiative where the aim is to promote literacy and character development in the the West Alabama region.

AAS is a strong advocate of the Pillars of Education initiative, we encourage all AAS partners to push students to take advantage of opportunities to foster character development with additional educators to address needs and support their efforts in and out of the classroom. This will allow them to gain an increase in literary skills and capitalize on their abilities to discover a career path of their choosing.

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To find out more about how you can support and be involved in this community based initiative, contact Carolyn Tubbs at (205) 391-0556 or