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Adopt-A-School is now in Pickens County

Adopt-A-School is now in Pickens County

The partnership with Alabama ONE will primarily focus on financial literacy and providing events to increase parental involvement

It's official, Adopt-A-School (AAS) has reached another county in Region 3. AAS is in now in Pickens County.

Alabama ONE and Pickens County College and Career Center is the first partnership started in Pickens County. Through this partnership, Alabama ONE and Pickens County College and Career Center have been working together this school year to implement two initiatives of the Pillars of Education: Career Pathways and Elevating Educators. Through those initiatives they hosted ‘Mad City Money’, a financial literacy program, and provided incentives for teacher appreciation. This new partnership will also focus on providing events geared towards families to increase parental involvement, career pathway exploration, and so much more.  

Alabama ONE is also partnered with Lake View Elementary, Northport Elementary, and recently partnered with Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy.

“This is a great example of Alabama ONE using their resources wisely,” said Carolyn Tubbs Director of Education Programs. “Each branch has the manpower to work specifically with schools in their community to be a support system in giving back to their community.”

AAS is a strong advocate of the Pillars of Education initiative. All AAS partners are encouraged to push students to take advantage of opportunities to foster character development in addition to addressing the needs of educators and supporting their efforts in and out of the classroom. This will allow them to gain an increase in literary skills and capitalize on their abilities to discover a career path of their choosing.

For more information about Adopt-A-School, and how your business or organization can support a public school in West Alabama, email or call (205) 391-0556. We have a school for you!