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Earn while you learn EMT program with NorthStar EMS

Earn while you learn EMT program with NorthStar EMS

NEMS is offering an innovative approach for those interested in starting a career in Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The “Earn while you learn” EMT program will allow qualified applicants to be hired as full-time employees of NEMS. Each new employee will participate in an 8–10-week training program to become a State of Alabama, licensed EMT.

“Why sign up for this class? Emergency Medical Services (EMS) isn’t for just anyone,” said Brent Dierking, Director at NorthStar Emergency Medical Services. “Helping others requires a special calling and a desire to help people, especially when they are experiencing a medical emergency.  If you are looking for an exciting career in EMS, this is the program to get you started.  Our training will enable you to provide basic life support including CPR, bleeding control, and manage acute medical emergencies,” said Dierking.

As a NEMS employee, there is no cost for this training. A training wage of $12.50/hour and benefits will be paid throughout the duration of the EMT training program. Upon successful completion of the EMT training program and receiving State licensure, NEMS will place the employee into a full-time EMT position with an hourly rate up to $15/hour including benefits.

“If you have an interest in medicine, this is a great place to start.  You will have the opportunity to learn patient care strategies and interact with and provide support to emergency and non-emergency patients,” said Dierking.

“This is a prime example of investing into the community in which you live,” said Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama COO and West AlabamaWorks! Executive Director Donny Jones. “I encourage everyone who wants to get involved with a career in medical services to join this program to gain hands on paid training experience. In a little under 10 weeks, you can become a licensed EMT with a guaranteed job waiting for you upon completion. Just 10 weeks and you have a new career, how great is that,” said Jones.

The class begins August 15, 2022, at the NorthStar EMS located at 2106 17th Avenue in Tuscaloosa from 8am to 5pm, weekend and evening hours may be required. NorthStar EMS will be hosting a meeting Monday August 8th from 3pm to 5pm at their location for those wishing to learn more about the program before enrolling.

Interested candidates can apply here . For more information contact NorthStar EMS at 205-247-4745.