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Expanding Job Opportunities in the Black Belt Region, June 21st

Expanding Job Opportunities in the Black Belt Region, June 21st

Demopolis, AL--West AlabamaWorks!, the leading workforce development organization in the region, is thrilled to announce its upcoming hiring event aimed at connecting job seekers with local employers. The event will take place on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Demopolis Civic Center, located at 501 North Commissioners Avenue, Demopolis, AL 36732.

With a steadfast commitment to fostering economic growth in the Black Belt counties of West Alabama, West AlabamaWorks! has successfully gathered 14 prominent companies that have enthusiastically agreed to participate in this event. These employers are actively seeking talented individuals to fill various job positions within their organizations.

In an effort to streamline the application process and enhance the overall experience for both employers and job seekers, West AlabamaWorks encourages interested individuals to pre-register on their website at By pre-registering, applicants will have the opportunity to access additional resources and information prior to attending the hiring event.

The West AlabamaWorks! hiring event serves as a testament to the organization's ongoing dedication to bring employment opportunities to the Black Belt counties. Through the collaborative efforts of local businesses and the workforce development community, West AlabamaWorks aims to reduce unemployment rates, boost the local economy, and support the overall prosperity of the region.

"We are excited to facilitate this important event that connects job seekers with reputable employers in our community," said Donny Jones, Chief Workforce Officer, West AlabamaWorks! "By hosting this hiring event, we hope to contribute to the ongoing economic development of the Black Belt counties in West Alabama and create a brighter future for all," said Jones.

West AlabamaWorks urges job seekers to come prepared with updated resumes and dressed professionally, ready to engage with potential employers. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, learn about available job openings, and participate in on-site interviews.

For more information about the West AlabamaWorks hiring event and to pre-register, please visit contact the Workforce Center Office at (334) 310-9511.